🌸 Good morning 🌸

“[…] Now the time has come for me to save and protect my people.”

Isaiah 63:4 (ERV)

I want to remind you something this morning: God has sent His only son, Jesus-Christ, to die on the cross to redeem you.

You were (and still are) that important to Him, and He wanted (and still do) to give you the best life you could ever dream of.

Because He loves us, He decided to do one of the most craziest thing: give His only righteous son to die, not for the righteous only, but most of all for the sinners.

That’s why He is telling you in Isaiah 43:2 that no matter what, He’ll be with you.

When you will feel as if problems are about to sweep over you, as if situations are about to burn you, the flames won’t even touch you because He will be with you.

God wants to be with you this morning, and during all the day, and during all your life. Just let Him be by repenting of all your sins and opening truly and sincerely your heart.

Have a nice day!

⁃ A-J.M

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