It is not too heavy.

Have you ever felt too small?

Have you ever felt too weak?

Have you ever felt like all that you are is not enough to do what you were called to do?

Have you ever had a dream that you were too scared to accomplish?

Have you ever felt like falling under the weight of a burden you know you were supposed to carry?

Sometimes, we feel that the crowns God put over our heads are too heavy. We know that God is good, but we forget that He is sovereign. We omit the fact that He is God by himself and doesn’t need any help to be who He is.

The calling upon your life, the anointing on your head, the dreams in your heart, everything that God has given you and wants you to do has been planned in His all-perfect will.

I came to remind you that your crown is not too heavy. Your calling is not too big. What God wants you to do is not unrealizable. How God sees you is not unbelievable. Whatever path God wants you to take is personalized for your feet, so that no matter what happens, you finish your race.

Your crown has the right size, but will fall only if you don’t keep your eyes on the prize by looking down when you forget your worth.

God chose you before you were even in your mother’s womb. He loved you before you were even conceived. He knows the plans He has for you.

Whenever you feel too small, or not good enough, remember the sovereignty of your God. He knows what He said and why He said it. Don’t ever question what He is doing because the Bible says, our ways are different than His, and our thoughts also.

Your worth is not defined by what people say you can or cannot accomplish, or what the society decides, but your worth is found and defined in Jesus-Christ. You are who He says you are.

It is not too heavy. The Holy Spirit will carry for you whatever you will not be able to carry by yourself. You can do it and you will do it, but only with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Do not be scared.

You are important.

You have so much worth.

You are loved.

– A-J.M


Jeremiah 29:11 & 1:5

John 3:16

Psalm 46:10

Isaiah 55:8


Hillsong Worship – Who you say I am

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