“How great are your works, Lord, how profound your thoughts!”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭92:5‬ ‭(NIV‬‬)

This year is a glorious year. A year of dominion (thank you very much Pastor Yvan Castanou). A year of fulfillment. A year in which the dominion of the devil and sin over our lives is canceled and destroyed.

This year, by the name of Jesus Christ, we are entering a new era and our destinies in order to shine brightly and fulfill the perfect will of God in our lives.

In one of the teaching of the prophet Francis Ngawala (Provoking the Presence of God), the man of God explains how to attract the presence of God in his life. And one of the points listed was: talk about God.

The verse above demonstrates the best way to provoke God’s presence – that is, to testify of his blessings. By spending our time contemplating and testifying of the blessings of God, none of the circumstances around us can disturb our faith because we know who our God is.

This year is a year of difference. We have to do things differently in order to achieve different results.

It will be impossible for us to reach this dimension of glory and domination if we do not change what prevented us from achieving it last year.

Let us speak of God and cry out with joy at the work of his hands. Its action in our lives will then be certain.

God bless us!

We were born to shine.

– A-J.M

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