Choosing God gives you favor!

One detail I really enjoy about Ruth’s story is not only how she chose to serve Naomi’s God, but how she also kept her habit of serving Naomi as well.

Ruth was a young woman who unfortunately became a widow. Through her affection for her ex mother-in-law, the desire to remain on serving her no matter what, and through her service, Ruth found favor.

In the second chapter of the book of Ruth, we clearly see God’s undeniable hand at work over Ruth’s life, but it is also clear that it started with her choice to serve.

Ruth chose Service over resentment. (Ruth 1:16)

Ruth chose service over comfort. (Ruth 1:17)

Ruth chose service over laziness. (Ruth 2:2)

Ruth chose service over what was familiar to her. (Ruth 1:17)

Ruth chose service and God granted her favor.

Ruth was a Moabite. She probably knew she would not be welcomed into Naomi’s town. (Deuteronomy 23:3, Ruth 2:13)

““An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter the assembly of the Lord; even to the tenth generation none of his descendants shall enter the assembly of the Lord forever,”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭23:3‬ ‭(NKJV‬‬)

However, she put that aside to serve Naomi and follow her wherever she went. She put that aside to serve Naomi’s God.

By analyzing Ruth’s life, I realized how important it is to choose service and what I find even more beautiful is the fact that she unexpectedly chose to serve the one true God.

Maybe then she did not realize that she found the only true God but through her choice, God orchestrated circumstances only as he can do to give her undeniable favor.

What God’s favor does in your life :

1. God’s favor makes you productive. We see it in verse 7.

“She [Ruth] asked me this morning if she could gather grain behind the harvesters. She has been hard at work ever since, except for a few minutes’ rest in the shelter.””
‭‭Ruth‬ ‭2:7‬ ‭(NLT‬‬)

His grace and favor will allow you to go and harvest. It will make you active. You will do what is needed to be done when it is needed. You will choose to be active and not wait and seat and expect an answer or a change in your situation.

2. God’s favor open more opportunities for growth and blessings. Now now let’s look at verse 12.

“May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully for what you have done.”” (
‭‭Ruth‬ ‭2:12‬ ‭(NLT‬‬)

We see that Ruth being active allows her to get more opportunities to grow even more active and not only that, but also receive blessings she wouldn’t get if she wasn’t doing anything. God’s favor allow us to experience even more favor, and have even more opportunities to grow and be blessed.

3. God’s favor makes it easier for you. What I mean by easier is the fact that it is true you will work, and the working part is not enjoyable. Anybody will prefer sitting down, laying down, chilling, however, by working you will see that you will not furnish as much effort as someone without God’s favor as we see in verse 15. Boaz ordered people to make Ruth’s life easy and let her gather all she wanted! God’s favor makes it easier for you. You will work, you will labor, you will harvest, but you will not do it as someone who has not God’s favor.

Choosing God allows you to experience his favor in every areas of your life.

Choosing God, and choosing his path gives you an advantage that regular people do not have.

Choosing God allows you to experience a certain in particular kind of grace that we see throughout the life of Ruth.

Choosing God gives you access to particular blessings that you would not experience without is favor.

Choosing God by serving him allows you to experience grace like never before.

There is a special in particular realm of grace, where you do not furnish as much effort you would normally to experience his grace and favor, and that’s what God‘s hopes for us.

That’s what God wants for us, and that comes by choosing and serving him, and not only serving him, but allowing ourselves to serve the people around us.

Choosing God gives you favor.

Make your choice today!

You were born to shine,

– A-J.M

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